๐Ÿ’ธData Warehouse Cost

Break down and analyze the cost of your Data Warehouse environment.

Gain comprehensive understanding of your data warehousing spend. Use data-driven insights for saving and optimization. Monitor your usage patterns over time.

Understand and monitor current spend

The cost dashboard displays the cost of your BigQuery jobs split by Editions, On-demand cost, and both combined.

By default it will show the last 30 days, but you can choose between the date ranges on the top right.

Expensive Tables

Default filters:

Table Name

Identify cost drivers.

Total Cost

Quantify resource consumption.

Avg Duration

Understand query efficiency.

Most Expensive Jobs

Pinpoint specific resource-intensive jobs.

Query Type

Analyze query patterns and optimisation opportunities.

Expensive Users

Understand how costs are split between teams and teammembers.

Default filters:

Event User

Identify high-cost users.

Total Cost

Quantify individual impact.

Total Jobs

Understand user query volume.

Most Expensive Job

Uncover specific cost-intensive actions.

Share the insights

Choose the values you want to consider and export your results for further analysis on top right. Choose your preferred format between CSV, Parquet, JSON, or Avro.

Take action

Edit and explore further with the Query Editor. Safely delete unused data assets with Impact Analysis.

Coming soon: break down, group and optimize cost-driving queries with Workloads.

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