๐Ÿ””Monitors & Notifications

To stay on top of cost spikes and get notified about them immediately, you can set up Monitors for any Workload types you wish.

To set up a Monitor

Add the Alvin notification app to Slack

Connecting the app will go into the authorization flow and may require a workspace admin to approve the request.

It will ask for minimum required permissions: basic information about public channels in your workspace, and to send messages as an Alvin Bot user.

Select the target channel

After connecting Alvin to your Slack, you'll be redirected to the Monitor Configuration page to select the channel you wish for the alerts to be sent to.

You can set up something Alvin-specific, or direct to an existing team channel โ€“ it's up to you. If your chosen channel is a private one, you must first invite the Alvin Bot to it and refresh the page. It won't show up to the list otherwise.

Configure Workload Types

Select the workload types you are interested in getting notified about.

Next, simply click on "Create Monitor". You're all set! If an anomaly is detected, a detailed report will be sent to Slack once a day.

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