๐Ÿ“ŠBI Cost

Understand your analytical spend

Break down your BI environmentโ€™s cost with BI Cost Explorer. Understand usage patterns and pinpoint hotspots. Drill into detailed interactions between all users, queries and dashboards to gain a holistic view of resource consumption.

Understand and monitor current spend

On the top of this page you will see a summary of View Costs, and a combined count of Views, Queries and Users.

The default view is Last 30 days; switch the date range in the top right dropdown menu.

Expensive Dashboards

Values available in this view:

Dashboard name

Dashboard FQN Id

Total View Cost

Avg View Cost




All users

All tables

Expensive Users

Break down costs between teams, teammembers, and their domains.


Total View Cost

Avg View Cost





Share results

Select the columns you want to consider and export your results for further analysis on top right โ€“ you can choose between CSV, Parquet, JSON, or Avro.

Take action

Gain more information editing the search query in the Query Editor. Optimize confidently by by testing your changes through Impact Analysis.

Coming soon: break down, group and optimize cost-driving queries with Workloads.

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