These featureset requires custom setup through our Customer Success Managers. Reach out on chat or schedule a call with our experts to explore how it can work for you.

Data Fakehouse

A virtual twin of your data warehouse.

Data Fakehouse is a powerful tool for continuous integration, change management and complex scenario modeling.

To validate any query, dbt model or poject and understand how it will affect your Data Warehouse, you can run it against the virtual copy of it directly from your terminal without wasting compute costs and risking breaking changes. Since the Fakehouse reacts just like your Data Warehouse it validates not just the SQL, but the entire sequence of changes.

How does it look?

Use run --profile=jaffle_shop_02 --target=datafakehouse to test any dbt model or query.

The result will show you if the query will perform correctly or warn you

Github integration

Our Github integration will automatically validate your pull request for changes in your Data Warehouse structure.

You will be directed to the Impact Analysis page to exactly the change you’ve requested.

Open it in a new tab. The generated report will either return affected entities or confirm the change can be done safely.

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