1. Create permission group

Navigate to Admin > Roles ([INSTANCE].cloud.looker.com/admin/roles), click New Permission Set and create new permissions set as follows:

2. Create role

Now click New Role, assign the newly created permission set and create the new role (no groups or users at this stage).

3. Create Alvin User

Navigate to Admin > Users ([INSTANCE].cloud.looker.com/admin/users), click Add Users, give the new user an arbitrary email address (e.g. alvinuser@[YOUR DOMAIN]), uncheck send setup emails, check the Alvin Role and hit Add Users. Hit Done on the next screen.

4. Name the Alvin User

Back on the users page, click Edit next to the newly created user, name the user (e.g. Alvin User) and hit save.

5. Create API key

On the same page (edit user), hit Edit Keys and then New API3 key (you will need the Client ID and Client Secret when connecting Looker to Alvin).

6. Grant content view access

Navigate to Admin > Content Access ([INSTANCE].cloud.looker.com/admin/content_access), click Manage Access... and give the Alvin User view access. Repeat for all top level folders that contain dashboards/looks.

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