Connect your systems

First connection

The first connection you have to make is to your Data Warehouse โ€“ this is where we process most of the metadata from. To do so, follow the steps for creating a service account in your environment depending on your provider:

Then, from the menu on the left choose the Connections page and click on the Add platform button.

Choose the right provider and paste in the service JSON. If youโ€™re adding a second environment from a platform thatโ€™s already connected, you can edit the Names of your projects. We suggest you keep them as is for the first one.

Test the connection

You can go ahead and test the connection and if it works correctly, we will load your data in the next couple hours.

If there's an error, please contact our support through the Product Chat.

Additional connections

After you've connected your primary Data Warehouse, follow the same steps for your Business Intelligence and orchestration tools. Simple as that!

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